Monday, March 11, 2013

May Cause Miracles

I wanted to share with you all the current book I am reading:

Now - I've never been one for self help books, or reading for that matter. But this one is changing my life and the way I view things on a daily basis.

I was introduced to this read after talking to my Chiro during one of my adjustments (Hi Erica!!). I have always had a problem with stress and more importantly have always dealt with issues of self love. I continuously judge myself in a negative way and it influences how I think of others. I'm jealous, bitter and generally unhappy with myself.

I purchased this e-book about a month ago and am currently on day 9 of the 40 day program.

The way it works is each morning you are given a daily affirmation and reading. You are told to set reminders throughout the day to keep you focused on your affirmation. At noon you have your "Miracle Moment" where you can take a minute and reflect on your daily goal. During the evening you are assigned a task to work on in your journal which takes you deeper into developing and deconstructing your self change.

So far this book has helped me identify my fears in life and I can see why I act a certain way and view thing the way I do. This book is all about changing your life and living each day to its fullest, positively.

My current daily affirmation is "I am willing to let go of my self doubt. I surrender to self love."

Powerful words, right?

What I love about the author, Gabrielle Berstein is that she is young and relatable. She wrote the book in an appetizing way for the 20-30 year old age group. Plus she has a great sense of fashion! Check her out on her FB page.

If you are looking to live your life in a more positive way and centering yourself in a way you never thought possible. I highly recommend picking up this read.

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