Monday, December 17, 2012

I Miss Running....

I've been neglecting my blog for the past little while, mainly due to the holiday season being in full swing! I've been taking the time to enjoy every bit of the holidays as I know they will be over in an instant.

The problem is, I've been enjoying them too much and neglecting my healthy living. I know, I know... I'm supposed to be the one with the healthy living blog that is supposed to be inspiring others to be good to their body. But - as well all know life has set backs.

As mentioned in past posts, I was dealing with an injury after my marathon. I finally received a re-diagnosis and it was in fact a stress fracture. They were wrong the first time. About 4 weeks after the marathon I decided to go out for a light jog - but my body screamed at me the next day. I clearly wasn't healed. So, I then decided to make myself a nice gym plan to keep active during the injury. Needless to say that didn't pan out as I wanted. In 2012 I dedicated my life to running, why did I think I would be happy doing something else?

I'm passionate about running! I love how it makes me feel. The sense of accomplishment is addictive. I've realized I miss it and need to get back into it. Now, many people wonder how to you get back into running after an injury? I did a lot of research on this topic - and the answer is "take it slow". After 8 weeks I've totally lost my base and need to start off fresh again. I went for a 3 km warm up on the weekend and it felt like death.

So this is my new plan:
  • Spend the last of December and all of January getting my body back into a schedule
  • Run 3-4x per week
  • Build up my endurance by running 3-4 km per run in the first couple of weeks, and increase by 10% per week from there
  • Lastly, enjoy every step I take...

I think I suffered from runner's burn-out by the end of the marathon. So I need to fall back in love with it again.

I'm COMMITTED to myself.

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