Saturday, December 29, 2012

Weight Watchers Commitment

Since achieving my lifetime Weight Watchers member status, I've stopped tracking my food all together. It's been about a year and a half since goal and I've done really well staying on track with my weight fluctuating up and down about 5 lbs.

One thing I've learned is you need to be able to adjust your eating habits to coincide with your activity goals, and when I was training for my marathon my food intake changed drastically compared to when I was losing weight. I was eating nearly double (if not triple) what I was before. Now that I am no longer in intense training, I need to once again change my eating habits.

I've decided to get back on the tracking train so I can get in the habit of how much food I should be eating for this low-medium activity level. I've put on 6 lbs since the marathon, and I need to shed that and get back to reality. The key to weight loss and maintaining is recognizing when you are falling back into old habits and nipping it in the butt as soon as possible. There is no need to get depressed and continue on that negative track. You need to remember how happy you were when you were at goal weight, and that is all the motivation you need to get through a bad eating day, week, month or lifetime.

Upon re-signing up, I've noticed they have a new weight loss plan called Weight Watchers 360. I was a little disappointed as I soon realized the tracker and program was identical to the Points Plus program. So, if you were once comfortable with the Points Plus program, don't be discouraged because nothing but some marketing has changed.

I wish you luck with any weight loss/maintenance program you choose. Please stay posted for some new WW recipes I will be posting in the New Year!

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