Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Belated Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday! For those of you who are off until the New Year, enjoy the rest of your time off (I'm slightly jealous too, haha).

We had a lovely Christmas this year and hosted dinner for 15 close family members. This was the largest crowd we had hosted at our home before and it turned out wonderfully. Lot's of smiles, laughter and good ole fashioned holiday fun. We had an extensive menu of full-fat goodness that kept the family happy, and I wouldn't of wanted it any other way. These were our eats:


- Buffalo chicken wing dip
- Homemade cheese balls
- Cheese and veggie tray
- Calaprese skewers
- Pizza rolls


- The best damn turkey I've ever made in my life
- Ham
- Corn
- Stuffing
- Potato hash
- Salad


- Rhubarb and apple pie
- Assortment of homemade cookies

I have had the pleasure of participating in a bake exchange over the last few years with a great group of girlfriends. I always leave my baking till the last possible moment, and stress like a mad-woman until they are done. It is totally worth it though! My guests and myself are always crazy over the goodies. It is well worth the effort and the late night bake-a-thon.

Daniel and I were busy leading into the holidays. We decided to furnish our empty basement to make two full functional living spaces. It was quite the ordeal to take on the week before Christmas. But - we are happy we did it as it gave us so much more square footage for entertaining.

Here are some photo's of our new formal living room, our old furniture we moved into the basement:


We need to stain the legs on our new sofa/loveseat to match the rest of the dark wood, but that can be done in the New Year. Once we get our basement painted I will post photo's of that too. I love how our formal room turned out, it seems so much bigger with our new layout.

We've been in our home for 3 years now and were slowly started to fall out of love with it. With the TLC we gave it over the last week it rekindled our old feelings. It's nice to have a fresh new look to start off the new year.

From our home to yours... Happy Holidays!

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  1. was so good and had fun! & nice pict luv ya all rog-emi


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